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The report about hover board outage human beings falling down

First, the motor problem

  1. A critical scarcity of motor energy

Electric powered stability Segwayss is exclusive than different forms of vehicles, motor power has features: (1) preserve the rate and acceleration; (2) to preserve the balance. The power required to maintain the stability is extra than the electricity required.

For instance, the electric bicycle motor is best used to keep speed, the motor lost strength or electricity scarcity is most effective not able to speed up or velocity isn’t always rapid. And the electrical self-balancing Segways needs to keep balance every hour, need to have sufficient electricity margin to maintain a stability inside the highest speed in case of an emergency, in any other case it’ll display the motor misplaced strength cause fall.

So, under normal occasions, the electrical bicycle 150w can assure a 80kg of humans 15km/h pace, however the clever stability Segways needs greater than 500w to ensure safety. If you want to hold a direct acceleration and deceleration, want for more electricity. At this degree, there are a few extreme shortage of motor electricity of a few electric powered stability motor motors, and there is a critical shortage of power. And so one can cater to the person, the speed is just too excessive, resulting in no longer sufficient power margin to maintain balance and throw the automobile. Therefore, we endorse manufacturing firms: in line with an appropriate energy of motor velocity, boom the margin of power; (2) the maximum velocity restrict inside the 20km / h, additionally in line with one of a kind maximum velocities decided motor electricity.

  1. The satisfactory of motor

Three. At gift, most of the motors are brushless cars, and has grown to be a vital sensor for the manager of the motor. Pleasant has turn out to be one of the important factors to determine the exceptional of electric stability Segways.

The principle troubles: the terrible fine of the set up; and sporting method. In keeping with signal detecting strange, no parking safety mechanism. The very last overall performance of these issues, once the signal atypical, the balance car at the fall. Even low speed or 0 pace popularity will fall.

Consequently, we suggest that production companies: strictly manage the supplier; the placing detection mechanism to locate the corridor country; 2-3 set emergency handling mechanism to make secure parking.

2d, controller hassle

There are two kinds of issues in the design and production procedure of the controller. Issues existing within the design of controller and high modern-day situations, interference and results in the disorder of a machine; (2) that allows you to reduce the price, pick out the pact producer, production procedure exist large regions of rosin joint phenomenon.

  1. over cutting-edge protection of a controller

In standard, the controller will have over modern-day protection, together with electric powered bicycle, while there is a big current output, the controller will lessen the output contemporary, to protect the motor and controller. But for the clever self-balancing Segways, current protection may additionally reason frame susceptible or motor disability, performance for the car body can not to maintain the state of equilibrium, result in the user immediately fall. Hints: to do a great task inside the safety and early warning mechanisms, rather than simply restrict the cutting-edge output.

  1. Two moss tube / fuse burned

In ordinary using condition, the working modern-day of the riding plate is in the normal variety. While emergency acceleration and deceleration, and over the ridge, platform, and so forth. There might be a completely massive modern effect, so the effect modern if moss tube or the fuse modern-day exceeds the limit value, have burned the opportunity of very huge.

Three. Low power cause below voltage safety

The output voltage of the battery, encountered big present day can have a great drop in, if the battery design range of everyday running voltage is too low, come upon large present day, battery voltage reduction may additionally leads to a controller to cause the under voltage protection or energy output atypical, ensuing in strength of the frame.

Four. Controller technique is terrible and smooth to put on.

So that it will lessen fees, provider first-class cannot be assured, ensuing in production process of rosin joint phenomenon, and production process best inspection and outgoing pleasant detection are insufficient.

Third, the battery hassle

  1. Inadequate discharge overall performance of a battery

Electric powered Segways board in the real use of the procedure might also regularly come across very massive modern, if the battery energy shortage of the discharge performance isn’t always sufficient, can’t obtain a big cutting-edge output, without problems cause a vehicle crash. Further, big modern-day discharge if the battery voltage is low, weaken the release ability of the battery, no apparent set off and alarm, urgent person speeding, voltage will quick pull low, electricity deliver scarcity, ensuing in crash.

  1. Over present day safety fee of the battery is too low

Within the case of fast and sharp turns, the electrical balance Segways battery discharge, if the battery is just too low, it’ll result in the auto body inside the technique of cycling to cause the battery over contemporary safety.

Three. Battery underneath voltage safety fee is simply too high

Below regular situations, the everyday operating voltage of the controller need to be higher than the release cut-off voltage of the battery. In the regular working voltage range, the controller’s voltage is decrease than the release reduce-off voltage of the battery, it’ll be very smooth to trigger off the battery output, main to the hoverboard energy outages.

  1. Bad consistency of battery

In the course of cycling, the battery seems over a unmarried section, ensuing in battery output off.

The last, the power of the vehicle

Part of the general structural design of the balance car is defective, resulting inside the energy of the floor may be very bad. Through bumpy street and over the steps, leading to the ground wreck, a automobile broke.

Besides, others

There are many sorts of balancing Segways strength outages. However the balancing Segways jogging and different method of shipping isn’t always the identical. Due to the fact the stability automobile is a type of machine which has excessive stability requirements of gadget, requirement on average product reliability is extraordinarily high, any trouble may also have cause imbalance inside the balance device, therefore, the necessities of the whole gadget not only to in product layout, manufacturing consciousness on pleasant, focusing on reliability, and requires the entire gadget supplied enough detection mechanism, makes for merchandise within the operation of any viable problems may be well timed detected, and be able to make the product safe parking. This data comes from UK Segways.