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A best Web Designers Guide

Best Guide for Web Designers

As society moves forward and becomes more dependent on technology, an increasingly large amount of people utilize search engines in order to find businesses to patronize or restaurants to visit. Fortunately, local brick and mortar businesses realize this. Often times, they decide that getting a website is the best way to effectively boost their sales. This is, in fact, one of the best ways to generate new leads to their business. However, they too will do a search, usually on Google, to find a web designer. Web designers who are proficient in search marketing will benefit from this; however, those who are not well versed in search engine marketing (SEM) and search optimization (SEO) will be hurt.

A best Web Designers Guide


Reasons a Web Designer Should Learn SEM

Generally, those who work in the field of web design are apt to quickly pick up new computer concepts. For this reason, a skilled web design worker should learn SEO and SEM. These strategies will allow any designer to propel their own website to the top of Google results. This, in turn, will create much more leads to their website. Increased hits to a website will not only increase sales but will also further increase Google rankings. A boost in visitors will boost the website’s Alexa Rank, which Google puts some weight on in their ranking algorithm. Ranking well in Google is usually a good indicator of how well in other engines since rankings in Yahoo and Bing are usually higher than Google.

Selling SEM to Customers

Another huge benefit of web designers learning about SEO is how much it can help in increasing revenues. Many businesses will willingly accept higher prices if search engine marketing is included in the price. Surprisingly, a web designer can easily get a significant raise in price from a client when offering this optimization service in addition to the design. Explaining that the service will rank the local business’s website at the top of Google is usually an instant selling point. This works well with all owners, especially those who are computer savvy.

Learning SEM

Even with all of these benefits, learning search engine marketing is not difficult. There are hundreds of guides online with detailed instructions on how to rank a website high on any search engine. If you create website templates for content management systems you can even install plugins that manage some of the SEM work for you. Becoming proficient in search engine marketing is an excellent addition to any designer’s range of skills.

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